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Excell 2020
Speaker Roundtable &
Photo Opportunity

We are looking forward to spending time with you and our VIP speaker at Excell 2020 on Wednesday, May 27 or Thursday, May 28. Please note that instructions for that day will be sent to you via the email you provide on this page. Due to the nature of the agreement, there will be no deviation from the prescribed 25 minute roundtable session.

$12,500 per person

Speaker Roundtable & Photo Opportunity
  • Arrive at venue without any bags, outerwear coats, notebooks or any outside materials other than a photo id.
  • You will be invited to be seated 20 minutes prior to beginning of the event.
  • The speaker will take questions from the group, but they must be submitted now and will be asked by the approved moderator.
  • There are only 25 seats available for this time and we are so excited to offer one to you!

Immediately following the roundtable, you will be invited to have your photo taken with the Speaker. Please note that you may be joined by your significant other for this portion of the event. Business colleagues are not allowed to join in the photo.